Dayton Dance Conservatory Ensemble

Dayton Dance Conservatory Ensemble (DDCE) is an elite performance program designed for flourishing young dancers who are dedicated to furthering their commitment to their dance training and education. Company members are required to dedicate themselves to train weekly in 2-3 Ballet classes, Modern, Jazz and Ballet/Ensemble Rehearsals. Throughout the year company members will perform at local events, concerts, workshops and competitions; providing members with ample opportunities to gain valuable performance experience.

DDCE is committed to encouraging aspiring young dancers to reach their fullest potential by fostering growth and creativity in a challenging, fun-filled, positive environment. DDCE will strive to set strong examples of leadership and responsibility to impact not only the performing arts, but also the larger community outside of the performing arts.

If you are interested in receiving more info on DDCE, please contact the studio.

Thank you for your interest in JPSD's Competition Company. The Competition Company is a selective group of young dancers who have decided to make a special commitment to their dance education. Competition Company dancers demonstrate excellence in dance and in their performance and teamwork skills. This requires an exceeding disciplined individual who is dedicated to the art of dance and to improving his or her skills through many hours of devotion and hard work. This program is not only career-oriented, but also growth and experience oriented in dance, self-discipline, and self-confidence.

Currently, our Competition Company is comprised of three different levels: Petite (ages 6½ - 9), Junior (ages 8-12) and Senior (ages 13-18). Training requirements and time commitments differ among the levels and ages. Please read through the following information carefully before solidifying your commitment to the company. Remember, in general, the more quality training an individual receives, the stronger dancer he or she will become.

First and foremost, ask yourself and discuss the following questions with your dancer(s) when considering the competition company:
• Does your child enjoy attending dance class three to six days per week?
• Does your child understand that ballet is the most important class they can take in laying the groundwork for necessary technical skills?
• Is your child willing to dedicate many hours to practice at home?
• Does your child have fun while dancing and enjoy performing in front of people?
• Are you and your child prepared to understand that every student is an individual, and some children may be stronger than your own child in certain dance areas?
• Are you prepared to acknowledge your child's strengths and weakness to help him or her become a stronger dancer?

Most Importantly! Competition Company is a joint effort between parents, students and teachers in order to create and maintain a positive, successful and healthy environment. Being part of a company can be extremely rewarding if all parties involved thoroughly understand the guidelines and commitment involved.


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